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Rémy Potier

Principal Investigator

Rémy Potier, PhD, M. Clin., is Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at University Lumière Lyon 2 he is also a psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst (child, adolescent, adult). His areas of specialization are : psychoanalysis and medicine ; handicap ; prosthetics ; new and digital media ; psychoanalytic psychopathology ; the assessment of psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic settings and their efficacy ; psychoanalysis and Social Sciences.

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Maud H. Devès

Maud H. Devès is associate professor at the University of Paris. Her research focuses on today's environmental issues, with an emphasis on disaster risk reduction. She is particularly interested in the role of science in the making of public decisions and in the shaping of public policies. The originality of her profile is to have a double background in earth sciences and in human sciences (psychology), in research and in engineering. At the University of Paris, she belongs to the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and to the Centre de Recherche Psychanalyse Médecine Société (Institut Humanités Sciences Sociétés). She teaches undergraduate, master's and doctoral students in the Faculty of Science and in the Faculty of Societies and Humanities. Actively involved in the associative world, she chairs the scientific council of the French Association for Natural Disaster Prevention. She also acts as an expert for the French National Research Agency and chairs the scientific committee "Flash Ouragans 2017".

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Nicolas Tajan

Nicolas Tajan is a program-specific associate professor at Kyoto University where he contributes to the Laboratory of Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis and its Kyoto University International Mental Health Seminar. He also officiates as vice-president of International Mental Health Professionals Japan. Nicolas Tajan questions the basic assumptions of psychiatric categories from a standpoint where the history and anthropology of mental health, clinical psychopathology, and Lacanian psychoanalysis intersect. This point of view features in Japanese academic categories as “intellectual history” (shisō shi): he addresses the very notion of loneliness while simultaneously combining theories and methods of the history and anthropology of mental health, clinical psychopathology, and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Nicolas Tajan is the author of Génération hikikomori (2017, in French) and Mental Health and Social Withdrawal in Contemporary Japan (Routledge, 2020 forthcoming). His articles have appeared in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatrie de l’enfance et de l’adolescenceL’Information psychiatriqueThe Asia Pacific Journal: Japan FocusThe Asia-Pacific Journal of Counselling and PsychotherapyCipango, 教育と医学, 心と文化, 精神医学史研究, ジャック・ラカン研究, and Subjectivity (Top viewed paper of 2015, Palgrave).

International coordinators

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Elise Pestre

Elise Pestre is associate professor at the University of Paris, psychologist and psychoanalyst. She belongs to the Centre de Recherche Psychanalyse Médecine Société (CRPMS) of the Institut Humanités Sciences Sociétés. Her research focuses on subjectivities under the test of the globalized world, refugees and the question of trauma; she is the author of La vie psychique des réfugiés, Payot & Rivages, 2010. She also works on professional practices in the fields of health and social work. She supervises care teams. She teaches undergraduate, master's and doctoral students in the Faculty of Science and in the Faculty of Societies and Humanities, at the CNAM (Centre National des Arts et Métiers) and abroad (FLACSO Argentine, UBA - Université de Buenos Aires).

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Giorgia Tiscini

Giorgia Tiscini (coordinator and manager of the Italy pole) is associate professor in clinical psychopathology at University of Rennes 2, Laboratory for "Research in psychopathology and psychoanalysis" (RPpsy). Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, she has long experience in prison and psychiatric settings. Her research interests include prison, the effects of the prison system, the psychoanalytic clinical practice of “act”, acting out and “passage to the act”, violence and the phenomenon of radicalization. She is the author of several articles including: "Violence at the borders of the symbolic" [Tiscini G., Kalaora L. (2019), Adolescence]; “Radicalization process in prisons: from criminogenesis to radicalogenesis” [Tiscini G., Lamote T. (2019)]; “The effects of incarceration in minors” [Tiscini G., (2018), Neuropsychiatry in childhood and adolescence]; "Taking action against the test of the post-contemporary" [Tiscini G., Ansermet F., (2018), Psychiatric evolution].

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Serge Tisseron

Serge Tisseron (coordinator France) is a psychiatrist, Doctor in psychology, member of the scientific council of the CRPMS, member of the academy of technologies.

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Frédéric Tordo

Frédéric Tordo (co-coordinator France) an associate researcher, clinical psychologist and doctor of psychology. His research focuses on the fields of Cyberpsychology, in particular on the psychic processes and the identity transformation processes of the connected man. At the University of Paris, he is an associate researcher at the Centre for Research in Psychoanalysis, Medicine and Society of the Humanities, Sciences and Societies Institute. In 2019, he founded the DU of Cyberpsychology at the University of Paris, for which he is teacher in charge. Involved in the associative field, he is vice-president of the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations, and founder of CyberpsyCO.

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Stéphane Vial

Educated as a philosopher and a clinical psychologist, Stéphane Vial  (Leader and Coordinator Canada) is a design researcher specializing in digital innovation in mental health.
Born in France, he studied in Lyon (philosophy) and Paris (clinical psychology), and earned his PhD in philosophy at Paris Descartes University in 2012, then his Habilitation to direct research (HDR) in design at the University of Nîmes in 2015.
Since 2019, he has been a professor at the School of Design of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), where he teaches the theory ︎of design and interaction design. He is also the Chairholder of the UQAM Research Chair in Design for e-Mental Health (Diament), and the Editor-in-Chief of the French language design journal Sciences du Design at the Presses universitaires de France.
Vial is the author of more than six ︎books published by Presses universitaires de France, The MIT Press or Springer, including Being and the Screen: How the Digital Changes Perception ; A Short Treatise on Design ; or Advancements in the Philosophy of Design.
He spent the first part of his career in France, where he was an Associate Professor in design at the University of Nîmes (2013-2018) and a professor of philosophy at the École Boulle in Paris (2005-2013). He also worked in Paris as a web designer (2007-2015) and as a clinical psychologist (2004-2007).


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Adele Succetti

Adele Succetti is a psychoanalyst in Milan (Italy) and member of the SLP (Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis - Italy) and the WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis). Following the bachelor's and master's degree in modern foreign languages and literatures at the University of Pavia (Italy), she continued her studies with bachelor and master degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Pavia (Italy). She then obtained the specialization’s degree - of a 4-year course, as provided for by Italian law which protects the title of psychotherapist - in psychotherapy with Lacanian orientation near the "Istituto Freudiano per la clinica, la teoria e la science”. She continued her training in Milan and Paris (Clinical Section). She worked for several years in Milan as a psychotherapist within the framework of a project funded by the Lombardy Region and which aimed at the care of patients suffering from eating disorders. She is registered on the list of Medical Notoriety of the French Consulate in Milan, and receives patients from both Italian and French. She has published a book on psychoses - interpreted according to the teaching of Jacques Lacan -, and several articles including some on eating disorders, which have been translated in international journals (Spain and Argentina).

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Antonino Zaffiro

Antonino Zaffiro, psychotherapist and psychologist (graduated in psychology at Sapienza University of Rome; specialized in psychotherapy at Freudian Institute in Rome; License reg. Lazio, n. 10728), participant Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, Head of the Ananke Center of Latina for the Treatment of Disorders of Food Behavior, and Music Atelier at Villa Miralago - Therapeutic Community for Eating Behavior Disorders, member of the Feronia Philosophical Society of Latina, territorial section of the Italian Philosophical Society. He has online and printed publications to his credit.

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Emanuela Sabatini

Emanuela Sabatini, works as a psychoanalyst and participates to L’EPOC (association for consulting and therapy with applied psychoanalysis for people with psychic and social problems). She has a double training, both clinical and educational, with experience in adult psychiatry service and institutions (teenagers and young adults) and also more than ten years working in educational, in particular with teenagers needing particular care. Teaching philosophy and in charge of personal care at high school in Italy from 2003 to 2015, she studied Philosophy at Catholic University in Milan with a specialization in moral philosophy and philosophy of law. In particular, she is interested in ethical and moral philosophy, with an attention to the human acts and its implications. After further studies in psychoanalysis (University of Paris 8) and in clinical psychopathology (University of Rennes 2), she is currently interested in ethics in psychoanalysis, therapy direction and related concepts – analytical act, clinical structures, new symptoms. She works at the intersection between psychiatry and psychoanalysis. A particular care is devoted to the writing and the letter in the clinical practice. She also works as translator from French to Italian for specialized editions in psychology and psychoanalysis.

Julien François Claude Bernard's Picture

Julien François Claude Bernard

Julien is a Ph.D. candidate in management at the Université du Québec à Montréal. His research conducted for his degree focuses on the benefits of connected devices usage by patients.

After graduating his Master's degree in management in 2016, Julien has developed an in-depth research expertise in relationship marketing and consumer behavior. In particular, he has conducted several research on the benefits of using new information and communication technologies by consumers.

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Maria Aurelia Gonzalez

María Aurelia González is a clinical psychologist with perinatal orientation, Master in Social Anthropology and Specialist in Mental Health Policy and Management. She is a staff member of the Mental Health Service of the Maternidad Sarda in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she coordinates the mental health team in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She has experience in managing groups and grieving or traumatic situations. She combines her interest in social and anthropological issues with teaching and practicing psychoanalysis. Her research focuses on: parental stress, anxiety and depression in pregnant and postpartum women, the epigenetic effects of maternal stress during pregnancy and issues related to migration. She is Program Director at the civil society organization Fundación Larguía, from which she collaborates on strategies for maternal and child health with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the City of Buenos Aires. She is also a postgraduate professor in specialization courses at the School of Psychology (UBA) and in neonatal nursing (Universidad Austral).

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Olivier Duris

Olivier Duris is a clinical psychologist (André Boulloche Day Care Center, PREAUT Support Unit and private practice) and a doctoral student in psychoanalysis and psychopathology (Psychoanalysis Medicine Society Research Centre of the Humanities Sciences Institute). His research is essentially based on the practice of digital and robotic mediations in the children and teenagers' clinic, and more generally in the ASD youth clinic. He is also interested in the different impacts that young people's digital practices can have on their development and their family and social relationships. He is a member of the association 3-6-9-12, of the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations (IERHR) and of the association Développer l'Empathie par le Jeu des Trois Figures, and is co-founder of the CyberpsyCO platform. He teaches at the University of Paris and at the Ecole des Psychologues Praticiens.

Roberto Pozzetti's Picture

Roberto Pozzetti

Roberto Pozzetti is a psychoanalyst in Como (Italy). He studied Psychology at the University of Padua and psychoanalytical psychotherapy at the Istituto Freudiano in Rome.

He is a Member of SLP (Scuola Lacaniana di Psicoanalisi) and of WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis). He is Lecturer of Dynamic Psychology and of Basics of general and clinical Psychology at LUDeS Campus Lugano (Switzerland). He taught in some Institutes for specialization in psychoanalytical psychotherapy. 

He wrote the following books: Senza confini. Considerazioni psicoanalitiche sulle crisi di panico (Franco Angeli, Milano, 2007), Esiste un amore felice? Sul trattamento psicoanalitico delle crisi di coppia (NeP, Roma, 2016) and Tessere la cura. Elementi per la pratica della psicoanalisi (Franco Angeli, Milano, 2018). He edited Hugo Freda’s Psicoanalisi e tossicomania (Bruno Mondadori, Milano, 2001) book and Jean-Claude Maleval’s Isteria e follia. Logica del delirio come tentativo di guarigione (Bruno Mondadori, Milano, 2011) book. He wrote many papers about psychoanalysis today; some of them are translated into french, spanish and dutch.

Silvana Judith Naddeo's Picture

Silvana Judith Naddeo

Silvana Judith Naddeo is a clinical psychologist with a perinatal orientation. Head of the Mental Health Service of the Ramón Sardá Maternal and Child Hospital (Public motherhood). She coordinates the Mental Health area in the care of women with risky pregnancies with prenatal diagnosis of fetal malformation and pregnant women with eating disorders. She supervises the work of psychologists in training. Her interest is focused on maternal mental health, optimizing the human resources of the Service that she manages for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of women with emotional disorders in the period of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. Currently, the coordination of the service's human resources is focused on assisting women emotionally affected by the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the containment of the hospital's health team.

She presides over the Perinatology and Mental Health chapter of the Argentine Association of Mental Health, a member institution of the World Federation for Mental Health.